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Provoking Favour

What you call bad luck is actually lack of favour.
When favour comes, you become the choice.Favour is real; it can be given, and it can be received.Gen. 39:21

A prison experience is nothing if favour is available.What labour cannot secure in a whole year, favour can give you in a day. Exo. 12:36. When favour is given to you, people will give you not left-overs but such as required.

Esther 2:17 There’s no vacancy anywhere; wherever you’re occupying, somebody has occupied it. “Somebody will mess up to give me a chance”. It’s called the mystery of grace.” Every crown made for my head is coming upon my head”.

Favour turns your mistakes into innovation.
Protocols are broken by the forces of favour.
Good intentions can be misunderstood when favour is not with you.

4 things that will entreat favour:
👉Knowledge of God (that God is gracious)
👉Show favour to others. Don’t always hang on merit. Sometimes do things to people who don’t merit it.
👉Give gifts. Psalm 45:12 ( especially to people who are higher than you)
👉Sacrifice (the high way of favour). 1 Kings 3:4

When you get favour, you’re in for what you want.

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