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NECO: National Evangelism Christian Outreach


To win and disciple the largest number of souls for our Master and Lord Jesus Christ.


Running with the Vision ...


To use the simplest and cheapest possible means, namely personal and small group evangelism.


The National Evangelism Christian Outreach (NECO) Inc. is an end time task force of the Lord Jesus Christ for world evangelisation, starting from our own Jerusalem. It was founded by our father in the Lord, Ven. Dr. B U Okafor- a medical practitioner who has passion for souls.

NECO is not a church denomination, rather it works closely with the ministers of the gospel to help in enlarging existing churches, mobilizing members for active evangelism, planting new churches for different denominations and discipling new believers for exploits. We also recruit, train and send faith- built soulwinners into the Lord’s harvest through our training arm called NETS.

NECO has her Headquarters in Enugu-Nigeria, with chapters in 10 different states in Nigeria. Presently we are in five other Nations of Africa and still counting. We also run fellowship and discipleship programs for effective follow up and maturity of believers. For details on our fellowship and discipleship programs, contact the area closest to you in our Locations Page.

NETS: National Evangelism Training School

National Evangelism Training School(NETS) began via an official directive of the founder, Ven. Dr. B.U. Okafor in 2007. The directive was immediately implemented by the National President in different chapters.
However, before the official inception of NETS, NECO has been running a faith school, which was usually a one-week training of our Evangelists and workers in the word of faith and personal evangelism which later became the foundation of NETS.

Futhermore, from 2007/2008 session, NETS has successfully trained over 1000 evangelists, fully trained in faith and in Evangelism with numerous miracles in planting churches for churches, change of lives, enlarging churches to the glory of God. Over the years it has notably increased to one of the largest Evangelical training platform for believes, seasoned ministers of God and so many others.
One remarkable grace of NETS is that, it is a shift from the orthodox, theoritical bible theology to a practical Christian faith that produces a bold and confident minister in life and evangelism to the glory of God. We remain gateful to God for His grace which we have so enjoyed in this 11 years' journey.

Kings Fellowship

The breach between the elites, office workes, artisans and professionals and those in the fields is the major challenge of every elite believer.
NECO has setup the platform every believer professional in His field can become actively involved in the field without His Schedules being affected.
Kings fellowship is a platform where artisans, Lawyers, Businessmen, engineers and busy professionals meet to learn the truth of God's word in their area of influence and become mighty in where they are called to be.
It also offers a platform where those who are busy in their field of work can support those who are also busy in the field of soul winning. You could become a part of the Kings fellowship from wherever you are in the world by simply contacting us today.

NECO Campus Fellowship

The Gospel was passed down from Jesus to the Apostles, all the way to us who cayy it today.
If it has to be carried forward, we must pass it down to those who will carry it to other generations. NECO with this understanding has opened up campus evangelical fellowships. They run with the same vision, the same grace, the same authority and the mind. NECO currently has campus fellowships in University of Nigeria, Nsukka(UNN), Enugu State University of Science and Technology(ESUT), Enugu State College of Education Technical(ESCET) and counting. The campus fellowships is currently a platform where young ones with the mind for the Gospel are being brooded upon and fanned into flame.
Do you have access to other campuses and would like us to start up a campus fellowship there?
Would you love to join our existing Campus meetings today?
Please feel free to contact us as we anticipate hearing from You

Cell fellowships

NECO has been distinguished over the years with the strategy of using the small group/Cell Meeting to disciple souls all over the world. There is either a NECO cell fellowship near you or We could start up one near you. Contact the closest branch near you to join a cell today.
We could also start up a cell near you.
We will be glad to hear from you today, please contact us.

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